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It's coming to an end. 
I have so much self growth since the last time I picked up this pen & notepads.
It is a familiar territory but I left it the moment I found my self control.
I wrote in the intention to share my thoughts and feelings to those who can relate but now the satisfaction lies within me. I know that now.
Self-Awareness is where it hits.
I learn a way to truly acknowledge all things and be in that present moment with full love, gratefulness and abundance.
I am enjoying life a day at a time and this is the greatest gift Allah SWT have given me. Alhamdulillah.
I'm progressing much faster than I used to and by leaving all fate in the hand of God is the greatest as He knows best.
I will definitely share my knowledge with you when the time comes. 
As for now, I'm embracing life to its fullest extent.
Writing, words and everything that define pen & notepads are all a part of me and we will definitely see each other again...till then... 
Go plant you…

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